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Inti Raymi Peru Festival Full Day


Inti Raymi Festival Peru 2020

In Cusco Peru, it celebrates the Inca Festival of the Sun – Inti Raymi, which is in Quechua, the translation in Spanish is Inti = sol, Raymi = Fiesta. In English is (Sun – Festival) one of the biggest festivity in Cusco Peru (the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) that takes in Saqsayhuaman, every year, of June 24th.

Inti Raymi was the most important celebration for the Andean People, showing their loyalty to pay homage to the Sun God, created by the Inka or Sapan Inka Pachacutec. Now there around 750 actors that participated in this celebration, this is the unique Andean celebration that portrays to their ancestors, doing and offering to the mother earth and doing the same sacrifice to their Sun supreme God.

the Importance of Inti Raymi.

Now Inti Raymi Festival has been revived for all the people, travelers come from different parts of the world to see this activity in Cusco, sometimes is difficult to walk and see this fantastic  Inti Raymi Event, duo to lots of people, the Inti Rayme festivity begins from Qoricancha, the Main square, and Sacsayhuaman, this is the important site for the main ceremony, here the representatives of the four (Suyus) come to report, to the Sapan Inca or Emperor about their state of the realm, and reaffirm their allegiance.


Inti Raymi Peru Celebration.

For this Fiesta del Sol or Inti Raymi Inca ceremony that was held, with annual character in Cusco, or Qosqo, as the Andes people known, was and is the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the final period of the harvest and the beginning of the winter equinox of the Andes, that is to say in the second half of the month of June. The Inti Raymi in the time of the Incas was the equivalent of what today is for us the New Year’s party.


The solar celebration was a party in which a new year began and ended the previous agricultural year between the months of May or June, and at the same time, the new agricultural cycle began from the month of July, so that the period between the last week of the month of June and the beginning of the month of July was a transition period from the old agricultural year to a new one, so the party was dedicated to that event.

Where is Inti Raymi Celebrated?

Every year of June 24, the party in honor of the Sun God is performed in the three historical and natural settings begin from one of the Historical places Qorikancha (Golden fence): In the Inca times, it was the main temple dedicated to the sun.

09: 00hrs: Qorikancha: Start of the staging. Duration 30 min.

The Plaza de Armas or Main Square (the old Auqaypata or Plaza del Guerrero): During the Incas, in this immense square, the ceremony took place in the middle of the great ushnu or ceremonial platform.

11: 00hrs: Auqaypata (Plaza de Armas): The Inca and his royal entourage enter the street Inti K’ijllu. Duration 45 minutes

Plaza de Armas or Main Square became one of the important places.

After the Inca speech in the main square, this time will go up to Sacsayhuaman where we can see this ceremony to Pachamama or Mother Earth, and the God Sun,  This impressive archaeological center is located at 3,555 m.s. one kilometer from the Inca district of Qolqanpata. 13: 30hrs: Central Ceremony. Duration of 90 minutes


Grandstand seating colors of  Saqsayhuaman is the best option to watch Inti Raymi, there are three colors, orange, blue and green, these two tickets are expensive than the green ticket, for this program, we offer in green tickets seats, but if you prefer other options please write us.

For this inti Raymi, the price of green tickets is 195 dollars, if you prefer another option just to write to us



  • for this Inti, Raymi Option is in Green seats
  • Transfers in the mobility of full equipment tourism.
  • Entrance tickets to the PREFERENTIAL VIP rostrum (SEE COLOR OPTION)
  • Professional guides and translators since the ceremony are in Quechua
  • Special Lunch Box
  • Personal assistance The Inti Raymi or Fiesta del Sol was an Inca ceremony that was held annually in Cusco, the capital of Tawantinsuyo, between the final period of the harvest and the start of the winter equinox of the Andes, that is to say in the second half of the month of June.



  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen (Minimum factor of 35 recommended)
  • Water
  • passport
  • Camera and video camera.


from $195.00 dollars per person