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Visiting Machu Picchu in August falls within the peak season, resulting in an abundance of tourists. With hundreds of thousands of people flocking to this iconic destination, it’s important to manage your expectations. Machu Picchu is not an easy feat, especially during this month when crowds may pose a challenge. However, if you’re up for it, the rest of your journey will be in your favor. In terms of weather, August nights are chilly while daytime temperatures soar under the sunny skies. Expect temperatures to range from 25°C to 10°C (77°F – 50°F) during your time at Machu Picchu.


Best time of the day to visit Machu Picchu in August


To fully enjoy a visit to Machu Picchu Park in August, it is recommended to plan your visit either in the early morning around 6 a.m. or in the afternoon after 2 p.m.


During the 6:00 am shift, you will be granted the honor of witnessing the breathtaking sunrise at Machu Picchu. As the sun’s rays gently caress the earth, the warmth they provide disperses the clouds, causing the lingering mists to dissipate and unveil the magnificent sight of Machu Picchu in all its glory.


Once the clock strikes 2:00 pm, the majority of tourists, accounting for at least 80% of the crowd, have departed from Machu Picchu, granting you the opportunity to savor the experience without the overwhelming throng. During this period, the park rangers exhibit greater leniency, permitting you to linger a little while longer at certain areas within the Inca Citadel. An added advantage of exploring Machu Picchu in the afternoon is the breathtaking and often overlooked vistas of the sunset.


Exploring Machu Picchu during the month of August.

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To ensure your visit to Machu Picchu, it is highly recommended to secure your tickets in advance, as availability tends to diminish rapidly.


When the sky is devoid of clouds, the sun’s intensity becomes blistering, necessitating the application of sunblock and the use of headwear such as a cap or a broad-brimmed hat. It is advisable to dress in layers, as the daytime will be sunny and enjoyable, while the nighttime temperatures plummet considerably. To prepare for the cooler evenings, it is recommended to bring a jacket, gloves, and a snug hat to ensure comfort when staying out late.


Tickets for Machu Picchu in August tend to sell out.


Typically, Machu Picchu tickets for circuits 1 and 2 in the first half of August are completely booked three months prior, while tickets for circuits 3 and 4 are usually sold out a month in advance. However, for the latter half of August, tickets for circuits 1 and 2 are already gone two months ahead of time, and tickets for circuits 3 and 4 still run out 1 month in advance.


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