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Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour- Day Trip


1 Day Rainbow Mountain Trek, with Red Valley

The full-day tour of Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley is a highly sought-after adventure in the Cusco area of Peru. Commencing in the early hours of the day, this excursion spans approximately 10 hours and includes convenient transportation to and from your accommodations.


Situated in the Andes at an elevation exceeding 5,000 meters, the Rainbow Mountain, or Vinicunca, showcases a breathtaking display of colors, encompassing vivid hues of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Ascending to the summit of this natural wonder requires a trek lasting approximately 2-3 hours, presenting a formidable test of endurance due to the high altitude and steep inclines.


Once the Rainbow Mountain has been explored, the tour usually proceeds to the Red Valley, an equally captivating natural wonder in the area. Renowned for its breathtaking red rock formations and picturesque vistas of the neighboring mountains, the Red Valley offers a hike lasting approximately 1 hour that is relatively less demanding compared to the trek to the Rainbow Mountain.


The full-day tour of Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley offers an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Cusco region while also engaging in physical activity. It is crucial to acknowledge that the high altitude may pose a difficulty for certain individuals; hence, it is advisable to allow a few days for acclimatization before embarking on the hike. Furthermore, it is essential to come prepared with warm attire, sunscreen, and an ample supply of water to ensure proper hydration throughout the trek.


Tips for your rainbow mountain tour:


  • Get ready for the high elevation: Rainbow Mountain sits at a staggering altitude exceeding 16,000 feet, necessitating adequate preparation for the potential consequences of such heights. It is crucial to stay hydrated, take breaks when necessary, and consult with your physician about the possibility of using medication to alleviate altitude sickness symptoms.


  • To prepare for the unpredictable weather at Rainbow Mountain, it is advisable to dress in layers. It is important to have warm clothing on hand, as temperatures can rapidly decrease at higher elevations. However, it is also essential to bring lighter clothing for those moments when the sun is shining.


  • To ensure a safe and comfortable hike along the rocky and uneven trail to Rainbow Mountain, or Vinicunca Mountains. it is crucial to wear sturdy shoes that provide excellent traction.


  • To safeguard yourself from the intense sun at high altitudes, it is crucial to remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to shield against harmful UV rays.


  • To ensure you stay nourished and hydrated while hiking the Rainbow Mountain trail, it is essential to bring your own snacks and an ample supply of water, as there are no food or drink vendors available along the way.


  • Consider hiring a guide when visiting Rainbow Mountain, as this can be particularly beneficial if you are not familiar with the area or desire to delve deeper into its rich history and culture.


  • It is crucial to show reverence for the natural surroundings of Rainbow Mountain, a stunning marvel of nature. To maintain the integrity of the environment, it is essential to leave no trace and properly dispose of any waste brought in. Additionally, it is imperative to adhere to designated trails in order to safeguard the delicate ecosystem.





  • A concise summary of the Rainbow Mountain tour’s day hike would be as follows:
  • Your journey begins: From Cusco city.
  • Your hotel pick-up time will be between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m.
  • The final destination of the journey is Plaza Regocijo, located in the heart of Cusco city center.
  • The duration of the tour spans a full day, starting at 5:00 a.m. and concluding at 4:30 p.m.
  • Daily departures
  • The maximum number of individuals that can be accommodated in the group is 16.
  • For those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, food options are available upon request at no additional cost. The meal options include 1B (breakfast) and 1L (lunch).
  • Storage at no cost is currently accessible.
  • The period from April to October is considered the high season.


Full Itinerary of the Rainbow Mountain 1 Day Trek

As the first rays of sunlight pierce the horizon, precisely at the early hour of 4:30 am, our dedicated team will arrive at your chosen place of residence, whether it be a luxurious hotel, cozy Airbnb, comfortable apartment, or charming hostel nestled in the heart of Cusco. Setting off on a captivating journey, we will embark on a picturesque route, taking us on a scenic 3-hour drive to reach the starting point of our adventure.


It is at this trailhead that our skilled culinary expert will skillfully prepare a delectable breakfast, offering a variety of tantalizing options for you to savor. As you indulge in your meal, take a moment to appreciate the awe-inspiring backdrop of majestic mountains that surround you. And to further invigorate yourself, enjoy a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee or soothing coca tea, preparing yourself for the exhilarating ascent that awaits, reaching a staggering altitude of 5000 meters.



After savoring this delightful morning breakfast, our journey commences as we embark on a 2-hour trek towards the peak of Vinicunca Mountain, renowned for its vibrant Rainbow Mountain. The trail meanders gradually uphill, eventually leading to a challenging ascent in the last stretch before we conquer the summit.

Vinicunca day trek


Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring journey through the majestic Ausangate Mountain range, where snow-capped peaks rise above you. Along the way, you will be greeted by a multitude of llamas and alpacas, adding to the enchantment of the experience. With every step you take, the breathtaking vistas unfold before your eyes, drawing you closer to the pinnacle of this extraordinary adventure.



To fully capture the captivating scenery, it is essential to be properly equipped with a warm jacket, headgear, gloves, and a top-notch camera. The summit may be icy, so it is crucial to dress accordingly.



After reaching the summit of Rainbow Mountain, your guide will provide a detailed explanation about the origins of the colorful hills, the Andes mountain range, and the deep cultural importance that this particular peak holds for the local community.



After immersing ourselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Peruvian Andes and the breathtaking panoramas from the peak of Vinicunca, our adventure continues as we embark on a 30-minute trek to Red Valley, an undiscovered gem tucked away in a remote corner. Get ready to be captivated by landscapes that will truly take your breath away.



After approximately an hour, we will conclude the return trip to the trailhead, where a delightful picnic lunch will be ready for you. Then, we will hop on the bus to head back to Cusco, and we expect to arrive around 5:30 pm


What is included in the Rainbow Mountain Tour?


  • Transportation that covers both the departure and return journeys.


  • Start your day with a delicious breakfast spread consisting of a variety of options such as fruit juice, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit salad, and your choice of bread or pancakes served with butter and jam.


  • A lunch consisting of a buffet spread of various food options.


  • The maximum number of individuals in these groups typically ranges from 14 to 16, with a few exceptions allowing for up to 18 people.


  • Experienced guides who are fluent in English.


  • For emergency situations, it is essential to have first aid equipment and an oxygen bottle readily available.


Not Included


  • The local government and communities charge an entrance fee of 30 Soles for Rainbow Mountain, which is not included.


  • To gain entry to the Red Valley, visitors are required to pay an entrance fee of 20 soles, and it is essential to have the exact amount in cash.


  • Personal gear


  • Tips


Things to bring:

A guide on what to wear for the Rainbow Mountain tour.


When embarking on the Rainbow Mountain tour in the majestic Andes Mountains of Peru, it is crucial to be mindful of the weather conditions and physical exertion involved. Proper attire is essential for this outdoor adventure. Here are a few recommendations on what to wear during the Rainbow Mountain tour:


To adapt to the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day, it is advisable to dress in layers that can be easily added or removed as necessary.


When embarking on the tour, it is essential to have pants that provide both comfort and durability. It is advisable to choose pants that are lightweight, have the ability to dry quickly, and allow for ample mobility. Hiking pants or leggings are an excellent choice for this purpose.


When venturing into rugged landscapes, it is crucial to wear durable and cozy footwear capable of withstanding the challenging terrain. It is advisable to opt for hiking boots or shoes equipped with excellent grip and ankle stability. It is best to refrain from wearing open-toed sandals or flip-flops.



To shield yourself from the intense rays of the sun, it is imperative to have certain accessories on hand. These include a hat or beanie, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Moreover, for extra warmth, it is advisable to carry gloves and either a scarf or a buff.


Don’t forget to pack a reliable and cozy backpack for your outdoor adventure. It should have enough space to accommodate your water bottle, snacks, and additional layers. Prioritize finding a well-fitting backpack that evenly distributes the weight, ensuring your back remains free from any unnecessary strain.


To shield yourself from the intense sun at high altitudes, remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to safeguard against harmful UV rays.



It would be wise to bring rain gear or a poncho in the event that the weather turns rainy.



To ensure you stay hydrated and energized while hiking the Rainbow Mountain trail, it’s important to remember to bring your own snacks and an ample supply of water, as there are no food or drink vendors available along the way.



To fully enjoy the Rainbow Mountain tour, it is recommended to dress in layers and opt for comfortable, long-lasting clothing, and footwear.


Frequently Asked Questions


Rainbow Mountain is a natural wonder.


Located in the Andes of Peru, Rainbow Mountain, also referred to as Vinicunca or Montaña de Siete Colores in Spanish, is a captivating natural wonder renowned for its dazzling array of hues. Composed of sedimentary rock that has undergone gradual erosion, this majestic mountain unveils a mesmerizing display of diverse colors, showcasing the distinct layers that have formed over time.


What is the best way to reach Rainbow Mountain Hike?


Commencing either from Cusco or the neighboring town of Cusipata, the journey to Rainbow Mountain typically begins. This single-day trek can be conveniently arranged through various tour operators who offer transportation to and from the trek’s starting point. For a secure and pleasurable experience, it is advisable to reserve a tour with a well-established and trustworthy company.



What level of difficulty does the Rainbow Mountain Trek entail?

Due to the steep inclines and high altitude, the journey to Rainbow Mountain is widely regarded as a demanding endeavor. Spanning a distance of around 10 kilometers, the trek ascends to an elevation exceeding 5,000 meters above sea level. To adapt to the effects of high altitude, it is advisable to spend a few days in Cusco prior to embarking on the trek.



What should I bring with me on the trek.

To ensure your comfort and safety during the ascent, it is crucial to pack appropriate attire for the chilly temperatures that await you at the mountain’s summit. Additionally, shielding yourself from the sun’s rays with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat is essential. Hydration and sustenance are equally important, so be sure to bring an ample supply of water and snacks to keep yourself nourished and energized throughout the journey.





The level of challenge presented by the Rainbow Mountain trek is contingent upon the chosen route and the physical fitness level of the individual partaking in the adventure. In general, this trek is classified as moderately difficult, featuring steep segments and high elevations. It is advisable for participants to spend a few days acclimating to the altitude prior to embarking on the trek.


Are Rainbow Mountain tours considered safe for travelers?

Participating in a rainbow mountain tour is generally considered to be a safe endeavor. Nevertheless, it is crucial to select a trustworthy tour operator and adhere to the guidance provided by your tour guide in order to guarantee a secure and pleasurable outing. Additionally, it is advisable for participants to acquire travel insurance and consult with a medical professional before embarking on a journey to high-altitude locations.



Are there any age limitations for participating in the Rainbow Mountain tour?

While there are no explicit age limitations for the rainbow mountain tour, it is crucial to take into account the physical condition and ability to handle high altitudes of both young and older individuals before making a reservation. Additionally, it is advisable for children under the age of 8 to be accompanied by an adult during the tour.


What is the best time to go on a rainbow mountain tour?

For optimal conditions, it is recommended to embark on a rainbow mountain tour between the months of May and September when the dry season is in full swing. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge the capricious nature of the weather, prompting the wise decision of consulting the forecast prior to securing your tour.



A comprehensive guide for travelers.

Situated in the Andes of Peru, the Rainbow Mountain trek, also referred to as Vinicunca or Montaña de Siete Colores, is an awe-inspiring marvel of nature. Its extraordinary geological structures and vibrant hues have transformed it into a sought-after destination for adventurous explorers in search of an unconventional experience.


To reach the captivating Rainbow Mountain, situated approximately three hours from Cusco, it is advisable to partake in a guided tour. These tours typically provide convenient transportation to and from your hotel, as well as nourishment and refreshments throughout the journey.


Prepare for an exhilarating adventure when embarking on the journey to conquer Rainbow Mountain. While the trek may pose a challenge, the awe-inspiring vistas that await at the pinnacle make every step worthwhile. Spanning approximately 7 kilometers, the trail demands approximately 3 to 4 hours of dedication to reach the summit. The altitude presents an additional hurdle, as Rainbow Mountain resides at an impressive elevation of 5,200 meters (17,060 feet). To ensure a successful expedition, it is advised to allocate a few days in Cusco for acclimatization before embarking on this remarkable trek.


Best Time to visit Rainbow Mountain

The optimal period for a visit to Rainbow Mountain falls between April and November, aligning with the dry season. It is advisable to avoid the rainy season, spanning from December to March, as it brings forth challenges such as treacherous mudslides and rockfalls, making the trail more arduous and hazardous.


To ensure a comfortable and secure trek to Rainbow Mountain, it is crucial to pack the right items. Here are some essential things you should bring:


Ensure that you have a pair of reliable hiking boots that offer both comfort and durability, along with excellent traction. Additionally, make sure to pack warm layers, such as a waterproof jacket, and a fleece or down jacket.


To shield oneself from the intense UV rays at high altitudes, it is advisable to bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.


Ensure you have a backpack packed with snacks, water, and any necessary medication.


During your journey, it is possible that you will come across locals selling souvenirs and snacks, so it would be wise to carry some cash with you.


One can use either a camera or a phone to capture the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding scenery.


Here are some helpful suggestions.

 to enhance your experience while trekking to Rainbow Mountain.


  • To prevent altitude sickness, it is crucial to maintain a slow and steady pace as you ascend to higher elevations.


  • To prevent altitude sickness and maintain hydration, it is important to drink an ample amount of water during the hike.


  • Make sure to incorporate regular breaks into your routine and pay attention to your body’s signals. If you start to feel fatigued or lightheaded, pause and allow your body to recuperate.


  • To ensure you are ready for the ever-changing weather in the Andes, it is crucial to pack appropriate layers and waterproof gear.


  • In order to properly honor the natural beauty of the environment, it is crucial to show respect and adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace. It is imperative that no litter is left behind and that the mountain remains unharmed in any manner.


  • Embarking on the Rainbow Mountain trek is undeniably demanding, but the gratification it brings is unparalleled. This expedition grants you access to breathtaking vistas of a natural marvel. By equipping yourself with the necessary preparations, gear, and maintaining an optimistic mindset, you can optimize your journey and revel in a memorable adventure.




To conquer the heights of Rainbow Mountain, which surpasses 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) in elevation, it is imperative to possess a strong physical condition and be acclimated to high altitudes. Prior to undertaking the trek, it is advisable to engage in consistent physical activity and allocate several days for acclimatization in Cusco or other regions situated at high elevations.


To properly acclimate to high altitudes, it is crucial to allocate an adequate amount of time. Hydration is key, so make sure to drink ample amounts of water while refraining from consuming alcohol and caffeine. Additionally, consulting a healthcare professional for guidance on altitude sickness medication is highly recommended.


Ensure you have the appropriate equipment for your hike, starting with comfortable and durable hiking shoes that will help you maneuver the uneven and rocky ground. Dressing in layers is essential to adapt to the unpredictable weather, so make sure to have a waterproof jacket, hat, gloves, and sunscreen on hand. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of protecting your eyes from the strong mountain sun by wearing sunglasses.


Hydration is crucial during the trek, so be sure to bring an ample supply of water. Additionally, pack some nourishing snacks such as granola bars, fruits, or nuts to sustain your energy levels while hiking.


Locas Guides

For the Rainbow Mountain trek, it is strongly advised to enlist the services of a local guide. These guides possess extensive knowledge of the trail, offer insights into the region’s rich history and culture, and prioritize your safety throughout the entirety of the expedition.


It is important to familiarize yourself with the signs of altitude sickness, which include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. In the event that you encounter severe symptoms, it is recommended to descend to a lower elevation and, if needed, seek medical assistance.


Capture the awe-inspiring scenery and vivid hues of Rainbow Mountain through the lens of your camera or smartphone. The photographic opportunities are unparalleled, showcasing breathtaking views that will leave you in awe. As you embark on this visual journey, it is crucial to honor and preserve the environment by ensuring no trace of waste remains.


For a more serene and pleasurable visit, it is advisable to explore Rainbow Mountain during the off-peak season or embark on your journey in the early morning. The site tends to attract large crowds, particularly during peak hours, so arriving early ensures a tranquil and delightful experience.

Local Communities


When engaging in responsible tourism, it is essential to show respect towards the local community, their traditions, and the environment. One way to do this is by adhering to designated trails and being mindful of not damaging delicate vegetation. Proper waste disposal is another crucial aspect of responsible tourism. Additionally, supporting the local economy by purchasing souvenirs or utilizing services offered by local vendors and communities is highly encouraged.


The weather at Rainbow Mountain is known for its unpredictability, characterized by sudden shifts in temperature and the potential for precipitation in the form of rain or snow. It is advisable to consult the weather forecast in advance and ensure that you are equipped with suitable attire and equipment.


Consider the demanding landscape and uphill climbs that the Rainbow Mountain trek entails. It is crucial to evaluate your physical abilities and honestly assess your level of fitness. Prior to embarking on the trek, it is advisable to seek guidance from a healthcare expert if you have any physical restrictions or health issues.


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