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Social projectsSocial projects

Social projects

Magical Peru Expeditions aims to collaborate with Andean communities to overcome economic and social challenges through an association and a working group that directs resources towards sustainable projects. Special attention is paid to support our children and their educational efforts.

It would be difficult for us to return something to the community without the help of our clients, who trust us to take them on their trips. Not only do we provide excellent services, but we also send your money to support our social projects, the community explains the challenges they face. We create projects, which they believe are necessary, such as the provision of schools, basic sanitation, as well as help in the daily work of families, of communities with their children. By choosing and traveling with Magical Peru Expeditions, you choose to participate in the wonderful social projects that our company is creating and supporting.

Christmas with children

For many years these people have been forgotten by our Peruvian government, especially those towns located in the middle of the mountains that do not even have access to cars and people can only get on horseback. We consider that our Cusco region receives more than one million tourists per year, which would make you think that Cusco is the richest region, but it is not. Considered one of the poorest regions of Peru because the money collected from tourists is sent to Lima

Therefore, we try to share with them, bringing toys, gifts, games, singing, organizing competitions and giving prizes to the best results, sharing our chocolate.

That is why we make it possible to get help projects to the hearts of the neediest people. Now with motivation, strength and immense joy, we say thank you so much for choosing Magical Peru Expeditions. we will always be at your service