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Southern Valley tour Cusco


Southern Valley tour Cusco

Explore Tipon, Pikillacta, and Andahuaylillas, as well as unique cultural encounters and gastronomic excursions in Cusco’s South Valley with private, tailor-made tours provided by a local tour operator, on an exciting trip from Cusco to the magnificent Southern Valley of Imperial City.


With a private guide, spend a day in the Southern Valley of Cusco visiting Tipon, Pikillacta, and Andahuaylillas. With our South Valley Tour, you can get away from the crowds. Great for people who like history and want to do something different in Cusco.


Most people who come to Cusco go straight to Machu Picchu or the Sacred Valley. If you want to avoid the crowds, head to the Southern Valley to see its beautiful landscapes and ancient sites.


This private South Valley tour of Cusco, Tipon, Pikillacta, and Andahuaylillas combines nature, culture, and history from the Inca, Pre-Inca, and Colonial periods. On this private half-day tour of Inca ruins, lakes, churches, and beautiful mountain scenery, you can see the little-visited Inca temple of Tipon, the “Sistine Chapel of the Americas,” Andahuaylillas, and learn more about the pre-Inca Wari people at Piquillacta.


This tour is for you if you want to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds without having to spend too much time getting there.


The best parts of the Cusco South Valley tour

  • Private Tour of the Southern Valley from Cusco
  • Find out about Tipon’s old Inca temple and water system.
  • Explore the site of Pikillacta, which was built before the Incas, and learn more about the Wari people.
  • Visit the beautiful Andahuaylillas church, also known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Americas.”
  • This great-value tour includes transportation to and from your hotel and back.
  • A private tour gives you a customized experience and your guide’s full attention.


Exploring Cusco’s South Valley

Visit the traditional town of Andahuaylillas, home to the so-called Sistine Chapel of the Americas, and the interesting archaeological sites of Tipón and Pikillaqta in Cusco’s South Valley.

Cusco – Tipon – Pikillacta – Andahuaylillas – Cusco

We will take you up in our private car after breakfast at your hotel to begin your South Valley Tour Cusco trip. This private tour from Cusco to Tipon, Pikillacta, and Andahuaylillas takes you to some of the most beautiful ancient buildings that are not as well known. We start by driving through the city of Cusco to get to the South Valley of Cusco, where three of Peru’s ancient wonders are.


Our first visit will be the Inca ruins of Tipon, one of the greatest feats of Incan hydraulic engineering, renowned for its aqueducts, canals, and fountains that were meticulously put out over the terraces by Quechua-speaking “Incas.” In addition, the Inca ruins of Tipon have one of the most elaborate examples of Inca agricultural terracing. It is made up of baths, a temple complex, canals, aqueducts, and tall terraces. The Tipon Archeological Complex is 24 km southeast of Cusco. It is one of the less-visited sites in the Cusco area, but it is just as impressive as those in the Sacred Valley. The American Society of Civil Engineers now says that the Tipon Archeological Complex is a marvel of civil engineering. We will stay in Tipon for about an hour.


Tour To South Cusco Valley


Pikillacta, a pre-Incan archaeological site belonging to the Wari civilization that was constructed between 700 and 900 A.D. The pre-Incan complex served as a cult center and administrative hub for the massive pre-Incan Wari society. Also in the area are qolcas, which are food storage areas, athletic fields, houses, temples, narrow streets, and buildings that are up to four stories tall. The Pikillacta pre-Incan site is a great example of how they planned and built cities. There is also a small Inca site called Rumicolca, which is just a short walk from Pikillacta. This was an Inca checkpoint on the way to other places. Overall. The pre-Incan Wari culture is South America’s second-largest empire, after the Incan empire. It is well-known for its great urban layout, which was the key to the Incan empire’s architecture. After looking around the pre-Inca site of Pikillacta, we go to Andahuaylillas.


Lastly, we will go to ANDAHUAYLILLAS, which is an amazing colonial church from the 17th century called “the Church of St. Peter, the Apostle.” It is in the town of Andahuaylillas, southeast of Cusco. This church was built during the colonial era. It has golden altars and murals that cover the walls and ceiling. The church is called “the Sistine Chapel of the Americas” because of how beautiful the art is. The Quechuans who lived there during Spain’s colonial rule made the art. Also, you can look at some paintings from the famous “Escuela Cuzquea.” After our interesting Cusco South Valley Tour, we’ll go back to Cusco. It takes about 5 and a half hours to make the whole trip.



  • Round trip transportation
  • Bilingual professional guide


  • lunch
  • Tourist ticket or income for the mentioned sites.



  • Tourist ticket of Cusco (not included in the price)
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen (Minimum factor of 35 recommended)
  • Impermeable jacket/water poncho for rain
  • Water
  • Camera and video camera.



Group Service

Group Tour Service: 25.00



Private Tour: 90 USD per person,  2 people

Based on 3 people, it costs 80 USD per person.

70 USD per person if there are 4 of you



Group service

  • You’ll be picked up at your hotel at 8:30am.
  • The Inca site of Tipon is an amazing archeological place
  • Pikillaqta Andahuaylillas Church is an archaeological site from before the Incas (this church is known as the Sistine Chapel of America)
  • This tour ends around 2:00 pm near the Plaza de Armas.

Cusco South Valley Private Tour

  • We’ll pick you up from your hotel at the time you specify.
  • The plan is the same as the one for the Group Tour.
  • This trip ends at your Cusco hotel.
  • With a private tour, you can change the times and places you go to better.