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Super Sacred Valley Tour / Maras Moray


Sacred Valley VIP Tour with Maras Moray 1 Day

The full-day Sacred Valley tour takes you through the picturesque region in Peru, extending alongside the Urubamba River and encompassing the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo. This area holds great historical significance as it was once the central hub of the Inca Empire, boasting a multitude of awe-inspiring archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, and Moray.


Due to its abundant fertility and breathtaking natural landscape, the valley held deep significance for the Inca civilization. Not only was it deemed sacred, but its strategic position as a vital trade and military hub between the highlands and the jungle further amplified its importance.


Super Sacred Valley Tour / Maras Moray has become a sought-after location for tourists, attracting thousands of visitors annually. People flock to this destination to delve into its ancient ruins, immerse themselves in the vibrant Andean culture, and marvel at its breathtaking scenery. Moreover, it serves as a starting point for the renowned Machu Picchu, an extraordinary archaeological site that has gained global recognition.


Here are a few helpful suggestions to enhance your experience during your sacred valley tour.


  • Optimal Timing: To fully enjoy the wonders of the Sacred Valley, it is recommended to plan your visit during the dry season, spanning from May through September. This period offers the advantage of reduced precipitation and a higher degree of weather predictability.


  • When it comes to exploring the Sacred Valley, numerous tour companies are available to cater to your needs. It is crucial to conduct thorough research and select a trustworthy company that provides meticulously crafted itineraries and experienced guides.


  • When exploring the Sacred Valley, there are numerous significant sites worth visiting, such as Chinchero, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Salineras de Maras, and Moray. It is essential to select a tour that encompasses the specific sites that pique your interest.


  • When it comes to clothing, it is crucial to consider the weather conditions and the activities you will be engaged in. Opt for comfortable footwear and dress in layers, as the temperature may fluctuate during the day.


  • Acknowledging the significance of culture, the Sacred Valley is inhabited by numerous indigenous communities. It is crucial to approach their customs and traditions with utmost respect. Prior to capturing any photographs, it is essential to seek permission while also demonstrating reverence for local practices and beliefs.


  • The Boleto Turistico is a convenient ticket that provides entry to various locations within the Sacred Valley, such as Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Moray, and Chinchero. With the Boleto Turistico, visitors have multiple options to choose from, including a comprehensive ticket that allows access to all sites or a partial ticket that grants entry to a specific group of locations.




  • The designated time for pick-up is 7:00 am at the Magical Peru office.
  • The final destination of the journey is the heart of Cusco, the Plaza Regocijo located in the bustling city center.
  • The tour will last the entire day, starting at 7:00 a.m. and concluding at 7:00 p.m.
  • Every day, departures take place.
  • The maximum group size allowed is 16 individuals.
  • Included in the list of recommended destinations are Chinchero, Moray, Salineras de Maras, Ollantaytambo, and Pisac.
  • The entrance ticket is not included, so it is necessary to purchase the BOLETO TURÍSTICO.
  • At no additional cost, individuals following a vegetarian or vegan diet can request food options tailored to their dietary preferences.
  • Enjoy a complimentary buffet lunch as part of your dining experience.
  • Storage is provided at no cost and is currently accessible.
  • During the months of April to October, the peak season is in full swing.


Experience the Full Sacred Valley VIP Package Tour like never before!

Experience the best of the Sacred Valley with our exclusive full-day tour that takes you to all the must-see Inca sites, including Chinchero, Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo, and Pisac. Perfect for those short-on-time or budget-conscious travelers who don’t want to miss out on anything. Book your unforgettable adventure today!




Cusco – Chinchero (Andean Textile Center) – Inca viewpoint of Raqchi – Maras Salt Mines – Moray Incan agricultural lab – Ollantaytambo Incan site – Pisac ruins & Market


Join us on the 1 Super Day Sacred Valley Tour or the Sacred Valley VIP Package Tour Peru for a memorable adventure. Our day starts at 7 a.m. with a comfortable pick-up from your Cusco lodging. We’ll go to Chinchero, a lovely town hidden in the Sacred Valley’s high mountains.


Chinchero is well-known for its breathtaking vistas of the Sacred Valley as well as its ancient weaving traditions. As we tour this lovely community, you’ll be enamored with the adobe structures, narrow cobblestone streets, and locals dressed in traditional Peruvian attire. Immerse yourself in their culture by seeing live demonstrations of handcrafted souvenirs produced with basic instruments and natural colors.


After admiring Chinchero’s magnificence, we’ll tour its ancient ruins before heading to Raqchi viewpoint. From here, visitors may enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Urubamba Valley, which is covered with lush crops that form a bright tapestry along the slope.


Our trip continues to Moray, an Incan agricultural laboratory perched on a high plateau 3,500 meters (11,500 feet) above sea level. Explore these one-of-a-kind Inca ruins, which consist of many terraced circular depressions, the greatest of which reaches a depth of roughly 30 meters (98 feet).


This Inca monument, like many others, has a sophisticated irrigation system. Our skilled guide will tell the rich history of these stunning remains atop the mountain throughout your tour. You’ll learn how the ingenious Quechua people designed a drainage system at the foot of the terraces to avoid floods during the rainy season.


Salt Mines day tour Super Sacred Valley Tour / Maras Moray

The Salt Mines of Maras will be our next stop, a wonderfully intriguing area where pans are fed with salt spring water and are constructed on steep terraces along one side of a small valley. Water slowly evaporates via a network of channels, leaving only pure salt. Since before Incan times, a crew of experienced “miners” has maintained these terraces and conduits to gather salt from Maras.


Continuing on our journey, we’ll arrive at Urubamba, a lovely village in the center of the Sacred Valley, perched among high Andean hills. This charming village has outstanding water channels, stone alleys, vivid local costumes, and the spectacular Sun Temple atop a hill.


To round up our tour, we’ll travel via Pisac along the beautiful Urubamba River. Our next stop is Pisac, an archaeological site that not only displays fascinating remains but also provides insight into the grandeur and impact of the Inca Empire. You’ll also get time to tour their lively market, which is overflowing with local products and food.


Then we returned to the road to visit Pisac’s traditional market for a quick introduction to the local artists and their colorful wares. Our full-day Sacred Valley tour service will conclude at your Cusco hotel.



  • Transportation for both the departure and return journeys.


  • A bilingual professional tour guide with fluency in both English and Spanish.


  • Buffet lunch in Urubamba in the restaurant

Not Included


  • The entrance tickets for Chinchero, Moray, Ollantaytambo, and Pisac are priced at 70 soles, while the admission to Salineras de Maras (salt mines) costs 15 soles.


  • Tips




Please keep in mind that the trip package does not include admission to archeological and tourism sites. You must acquire a tourist permit to access these places. The partial ticket pass (Boleto Turistico Partial) costs PEN 70 Peruvian soles (about USD 20 for each ticket) and allows entrance to four Sacred Valley historical sites: Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, and Chinchero.


We suggest getting the general entrance ticket (Boleto Turistico General) if you want to visit historical sites in both Cusco and the Sacred Valley. This ticket costs PEN 130 Peruvian Soles (about USD 40) and permits you to visit 14 historical sites in Cusco’s Sacred Valley (Sacsayhuaman, Q’enqo, Puca Pucara, and Tambomachay), the southern portion of Cusco, and certain museums in Cusco city. The standard tourist ticket is good for a period of ten days.


Please keep in mind that neither the partial nor general tourist tickets include admission to the Maras salt ponds. These may be bought at the Maras salt ponds gate for PEN 10 Peruvian soles (about USD 4 for each ticket).


What to bring

  • When preparing for a journey through the Sacred Valley in Peru, it is important to take into account the time of year and the activities you have planned. Here are some general suggestions for what to bring:


  • When preparing for your trip to the Sacred Valley, it is important to consider the climate, which can be both cool and unpredictable. Therefore, it is advisable to pack clothing in layers. For the cooler months, it is recommended to bring a warm jacket, hat, and gloves. On the other hand, for the warmer months, lightweight clothing and a sun hat are more suitable. Additionally, it is essential to have comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots for exploring the area.


  • Given the elevated altitude and intense sunlight in the Sacred Valley, it is imperative to prioritize sun protection. Remember to pack essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.


  • Don’t forget to pack any essential medications, toiletries, and personal items that you may require during the duration of the tour.


  • Don’t forget to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Sacred Valley, known for its stunning scenery that is unparalleled in the world.

tips to visit Maras Moray


  • Having some cash on hand is highly recommended for purchasing souvenirs, snacks, tickets to the Sacred Valley, and providing tips to tour guides and drivers.


  • To ensure proper hydration at high altitudes, it is recommended to carry a reusable water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day.


  • Fuel yourself throughout the tour by packing a selection of snacks. Optimal choices for sustaining energy include energy bars, nuts, and dried fruit.


  • For the tour, it is advisable to bring a compact backpack to conveniently carry all your essential items.


Make sure to travel with minimal luggage, as it is probable that you will be responsible for carrying your own bags throughout the tour. Additionally, it is essential to check the weather forecast before departure to adequately equip yourself for the prevailing conditions.


How much is the tour for the Super Sacred Valley Tour + Maras Moray?

Group Service: USD 30.00

Private Service: USD 100.00 (minimum 2 people)