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The Inca bridge Day Tour/ Qeswachaka


Q’eswachaka Inca Rope Bridge Day Tour

This full-day tour to the Inca Bridge of Qeswachaka, located on the route to Cusco’s South Valley, is one of a kind. The South Valley is largely undiscovered, but it’s home to some incredible sights like the Qeswachaka Bridge, Vinicunca, and Palccoyo’s Stone Forest, all of which are worth the trip. Those who take the time to visit Qeswachaka Bridge will get to walk across one of the few remaining rope bridges from ages past that is still in use by the locals today.


There aren’t many visitors to the Q’eswachaka Inca Bridge as now because of how little is known about it. Those looking for some peace and quiet will appreciate this trip just as much as those looking for an exciting outdoor excursion. In addition, our Qeswachaka Bridge Tour includes detours to sights like the famed 4 lakes (Pomacanchis lake, Acopia lake, etc.) and time to simply take it all in at your own pace.



This spectacular Qeswachaka bridge is located on top of the Apurmac River at about (3,700 meters/ 12,139 ft) in Cusco’s Canas region. This 108-foot-long handwoven grass bridge is rebuilt every one or two years as a collaborative effort by the entire region’s residents. It was part of the wide network known as Qhapaq or Inca roads during Inca times, and it is one of the Inca bridges that has retained its authenticity.


This bridge is still used to convey supplies to the many settlements in the region today. However, it is gaining popularity among certain travelers. Come with us to discover the most wonderful destinations by taking alternative routes to the customary and having a unique experience. After your trip with local professionals in private tour service, you will be completely satisfied.


Q’eswachaka is made up of two Quechua words: q’eswa, which means twisted straw ropes, and chaka, which means bridge.

The Inca bridge Day tour Highlights

  • Visit the only remaining Inca bridge, re-woven every year by hand
  • Spectacular Mountain scenery
  • The stunning view of the Apurimac river
  • Authentic local villages
  • Very welcoming by local people
  • Stop at a series of Andean lakes along the way (Pomacanchis lake, Acopia lake, etc,)


Summarization of a Day Trip to the Qeswachaka Inca Bridge


Take a guided day trip to the Inca suspension bridge at Qeswachaka for an unforgettable experience.


Full Day: Cusco, Yanaoca, Qeswachaka, and back to Cusco

  • At 4:30 am Get picked up in a car service from your hotel.
  • At 7:00 am Travel to the Acopia area to see the four lakes known as the Four Lagunas (Pomacanchi, Acopia, Asnaqocha, and Pampamarca or Tungasuca).
  • 8:00 am Combapata or Yanaoca village breakfasts.
  • 10:00 am We finally made it to the Qéswachaka Bridge, where we were able to witness this incredible achievement of Inca engineering up close and personal by crossing it ourselves. Because it is the last surviving example of its sort, Qeswachaka is a priceless part of our cultural legacy.
  • We leave around 11:30 to go back to Yanaoca for lunch.
  • We usually start eating at 12:30 or 1 p.m.
  • The trip back to Cusco begins at 13.30.
  • We deliver you to your hotels in Cusco between 4:30 and 5 p.m.


Tour to the Inca bridge Details

  • Duration: Full Day 4:30 am – 5 pm
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Activities Type: Adventure, Hiking, and Getting off the beaten path
  • Group Size: Tours are personalized in private service, you decide the number of travelers in your group.
  • Service Type: Private Personalized Tours
  • Minimum altitude: 3,600 masl / 11,811ft.
  • Maximum altitude: 3,700 masl / 12,139 ft.
  • Pick up location: Hotels in Cusco or another place located in Cusco.
  • Drop-off Location: Any hotel in Cusco



The Inca Rope Bridge Q’eswachaka day tour

Pick up time around 4.30 am from your hotel in Cusco; we will head towards the famous Qeswachaka Bridge. On the way, the group will cross the beautiful town of Pomacanchi, and stop at the famous Four Lakes such as Pomacanchi, Acopia, Asnacqocha, Pampamarca, and other scenic spots, you will have the opportunity to take photos and enjoy the scenery. These lagoons have various uses, including fishing, totora hut camping, and social activities with motorboats and paddle boats. Each lagoon has many unique species of flora and fauna that are unique to this region.


After visiting the lakes, we continue our journey to the province of Canas. Finally, we will reach our dream destination, which is the Inca Qeswachaka bridge (3,700 meters / 12,139 feet) nestled and connected to the edges of this mountain, 33 meters long and 1.20 meters wide. . The bridge is fully operational, as each year is renewed by hand using a mountain grass called ichu (straw). Four communities in the area are responsible for renewing this bridge every year. Before realizing the intricacies of the operation, a payment ceremony was made to  Pachamama for help and protection throughout the process.


During the Q’eswachaka Bridge Full Day Tour, all visitors will have the opportunity to cross the suspension bridge as the Quechuas do. It will be a unique experience. Which often requires special courage. We will take great pictures of the true panorama. After visiting this place, at noon we will start the journey back to Cusco. We arrive in Cusco to drop you off at your hotel around 5pm.

Places to visit:

  • Lagoon of Pomacanchi.
  • Asnaqocha Lagoon
  • Laguna de Pampamarca or Tungasuca.
  • Inca bridge of Q’eswachaka.


It Includes for The Inca bridge Day tour

  • Round trip transportation
  • Bilingual professional guide

Not Included

  • Foods
  • Entrance Ticket


Things to Take

  • Tourist ticket of Cusco
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen (Minimum factor of 35 recommended)
  • Impermeable jacket/water poncho for rain
  • Water
  • Camera and video camera.

Can I cross the Q’eswachaka Bridge?

Yes! You can, although it is not advised for persons who have vertigo.


What is the length of the Q’eswachaka Bridge?

The bridge is 28.5 meters in length and 1.20 meters in width.


How long does it take to go to the Q’eswachaka Inca Bridge?

It is four hours from Cusco.


When does the Tour to Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge begin and end?

The tour of the Q’eswachaka Inca Bridge begins at 4.30 a.m.

The trip will conclude at 5:00 p.m.

This excursion takes the same amount of time as the climb to Rainbow Mountain Peru and the Humantay Lake full day tour.


What is the highest point of the Tour to the Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge?

The highest point we will reach at the Inca bridge of Q’eswachaka is 3,800 m.s.n.m.


Bridge Reconstruction and Annual Maintenance

The “Queswachaca” bridge requires annual maintenance by four local communities in the month of June, because the straw (Ichu) used in its construction begins to decompose. The reconstruction is completed three days before the second Sunday of June, and the fourth day concludes with a folk festival, where you can share the traditions and customs that this community inherited from the Incas.



Prices are per person in USD and vary depending on group size. There are no scheduled group departures. If you do not like to plan a private trip, please write us an email, for a list of available departures that coincide with your dates.

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