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Tickets to Machu Picchu for foreign tourists

vista hacia machu picchu

How to get tickets for Machu Picchu?

Peru has 12 places recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites that represent part of the history of humanity.

The sanctuary of Machu Picchu is the most important heritage of Peru when it comes to architectural buildings, this is a city built on top of a mountain located in the town of Cusco hot water (Machu Picchu pueblo).

All visitors can know and enjoy a whole day this wonderful Inca citadel, but taking into account the differences between tickets Machu Picchu for foreign tourists and national.

Being an Inca city Machu Picchu is represented by temples, palaces and water channels that show the greatness of the Inca descent.

The perfect way as the Incas used engineering to build monuments and different buildings are one of the reasons why many foreigners are curious to know how to handle tickets Machu Picchu for foreign tourists.

Tourist Informational.

there are many factors that motivate many tourists to come and enjoy Cusco and its tours, among them this to know and visit the citadel of Machu Picchu is that this was developed under a perfect harmony with nature representing a fusion of mountain and city without damaging the components that make up nature.

Due to the fact that the Incas were beings that respected Mother Nature, one could not expect less from this population by offering a unique city in the world capable of having everything necessary to be a habitable place; but without disturbing the environment.

It was established in the fifteenth century and the highlight of its creation is that despite the time that has passed even this maintains the essence of the city. Foreigners who wish to come to Peru for the sole purpose of visiting this place can begin to introduce themselves a little in the history of this tourist paradise that preserves the best of the Inca buildings.


How to handle the Entrance Tickets in Machu Picchu

The tickets to enter this city following any of its three routes are sold through many virtual agencies and also by physical agencies distributed in various areas of Peru. any form of acquisition of the two mentioned is safe.

But, if you do not trust the charges that will be made to your card, there is another method that is even safer. “The travel agency that you hire will make the purchase of the ticket for you“, is a matter of informing your tour operator and they will do it for you. Before being able to talk about the established prices for the purchase of tickets for foreigners it is necessary to explain each one of the forms and how these can be bought.


Payment Methods:



Why is it ideal to reserve a ticket in advance?

For no one is a secret of the city of Cusco is a place to visit at all times, so the incidence of foreign tourists does not decrease at any time.
The daily limit of visitors to this city is 400 so it can not be guaranteed that you will see an available ticket for the day of your visit, it is convenient to book electronically the ticket to be used.


Prices Ticket to Machu Picchu Foreigners tourists.


The prices of tickets Machu Picchu for foreign tourists may vary according to the tourism agency found on the Internet.

There are many tourist companies that do all the work for the foreign visitor getting everything necessary for the trip for a full price that often includes accommodation, food, train tickets or any other means of transport.

Other Additional Expenses To Be Considered