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Tourist packages of Cusco, gastronomy and bars of the imperial city.

The imperial city not only presents archeological centers, beautiful natural formations or adventures through the mountains that were consecrated by the Inca culture. You can also enjoy the best gastronomy and national and foreign drinks. All this can be enjoyed thanks to tourist packages of Cusco.

It is known that one of the concerns of visitors is to know and have information about places for healthy, delicious food and not affect their stay in the imperial city.

In addition to a good diet it is important to know if some tourist packages of Cusco, offered by tour operators, takes into account the food, drink and safe preparation and quality of food.

The answer to the question: “quality of food and drinks in the city of Cusco that include tourist packages” would be: EXCELLENT SERVICE.

Peruvian gastronomy has a variety of foods typical of each region, and the various tourists who came to the city of Cusco. took a unique experience thanks to the delicious cuisine Cusco.

The city of Cusco besides having the best places to visit, also possesses a great variety of restaurant with typical foods, as well as plates of international range.

During the purchase a tourist packages of Cusco, the visitor can include in the whole travel plan, the visit and feeding of typical places of cusqueña food or rustic bars and of great quality, in the city of cusco.

It is a question of the taste of each tourist, of his plan and his economy. Moreover, being in the city of Cusco has the facility to find the place that suits you best, as most of the great restaurants and bars are located around the central square.

Among the best restaurants in Cusco can be highlighted the following:

1. Limbus restobar

This restaurant has the best of Peruvian culture with excellent dishes, a good location and first class service. It has the best chefs in the region.


It is a restaurant that has a contemporary proposal and is characterized by being in the first places of gastronomy in the city of Cusco.
The menu of this restaurant includes the best cocktails and its cuisine stands out for offering many national and international dishes.
Another factor that possesses this restaurant in favor is the incredible panoramic view that allows to see all the city of Cusco.


It is located in Pasnapakana 133, 600 meters from the Plaza de Armas (Huacaypata).

2. Map Café.

The highlight of this restaurant is its attention. In addition, the food served has the best cusco sasons and foreign food.


It has an artistic spirit, meaning that it was made to feel like eating outdoors, and this restaurant also has a colonial atmosphere typical of the Cusco region.
The service of this site is on salient and the menu has many meals highlighted by preserving the culture cusqueña.


It is located inside the museum of pre-Columbian art, specifically in the courtyard of this and its attention is during every day of the week.

3. Le Soleil Gourmet Restaurant

This restaurant has great dishes, with the best of all Peru. The flavor of the Cusco food and the French gourmet are included in the dishes offered by this restaurant.


Le soleil is the first gourmet French restaurant in the city of Cusco.
It offers the best flavors of French wine and also the best foods of this country as: the creme brulee typical of France.
In addition, this site has lounges for reservations of important celebrations.


It is located in the street San Agustín 275 of the city of Cusco.

4. Chicha Restaurant

When it comes to gastronomic culture, there is no better place to eat typical Cusco dishes. This restaurant is focused on providing all visitors with dishes typical of the region without leaving the traditional.


This restaurant is not only located in the city of Cusco, but also has offices in several places showing the best of Peruvian cuisine.
It was created by Gaston Acurio who founded this restaurant chain to demonstrate that Peru is a diversity of delicious and healthy dishes.


It is located at Plaza Regocijo, 261 in Cusco.

5. Ceviche Seafood Neighborhood.

In Cusco it is not very traditional to eat ceviches, however, to the being a tourist place they offer plates of different regions of Peru. for that reason this restaurant is a viable option to eat incredible plates of the Peruvian sea.


This place is eye-catching thanks to the traditional ceviche that is served, but it also has other dishes such as the delicious seafood combined with rice.
On the other hand, the personalized attention offered to each client, has made this restaurant grow in popularity in the city of Cuzco.


It is specifically located at Portal Harinas, 181, Plaza de Armas.

To enjoy a good trip or tours such as the Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Inca Jungle, thanks to tourist packages of Cusco, it is essential to include food in comfortable places and good care.