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Tourist Packages Peru Adventures in the Ballestas Islands and the Nazca Lines

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tourist packages Peru are generally purchased for multi-day trips. they almost always include trips to the north and south of Peru, which include cities such as Cusco, Cajamarca and Ayacucho.

Most travelers to Peru try to do too many tours in too little time. However, those who take the time to slow down soon discover that there is more to Peru than a wonder of the world like Machu Picchu.

Peru has an incredible diversity in climate, landscape and attractions.

the trip through northern Peru can be made starting in Lima, so you can then visit Paracas (and stay at the amazing Paracas Hotel as a base).

Paracas is only three hours south of Lima. Anyway, few people want to spend more than a couple of nights in Lima, so this is a good trip to make at the beginning or at the end.

visit to the Ballestas Islands Peru.

The Ballestas Islands, a very important attraction that is always included in tourist packages Peru, can be visited in the course of a couple of hours.

It’s a collection of islets and rocky outcrops in the sea, with almost all flat surfaces covered with wildlife.

You can go in a group boat, which is fine, and it’s inexpensive. However, to do it in style, you can also hire private tours according to your economy.

On the crossbow islands, in addition to their calm and crystal clear waters, not only can you find marine life. but also, many guano birds like the “guanay”.
In recent years, the demand for tourism to the crossbow islands has increased considerably, is a very important point for tourism in the city of “pisco”.

Many travelers choose to tour that beautiful place before making their next trip to the imperial city and make adventures like:

flights over the enigmatic Nazca Lines.

being by paracas, you can also organize a tour of the Nazca Lines, departing from the nearby airport in Pisco.

Flights over the Nazca Lines are usually made during the mornings, it is an unforgettable experience.

During the overflight you can appreciate the lines of various types of geoglyphics, among the most important we have:

Again, they are about 1:30 hours: flight time to get there, an hour to see the lines from the air, then the return trip.

the flight to observe the Nazca lines in the middle of the desert is spectacular and unique. it is worth visiting places as important as that.

tourist packages Peru offer many varied trips depending on the tastes of the traveler. they can include entire cities (adventures to the manu, cusco and arequipa) and tours and walks of several days as the Inca Trail and Choquequirao.